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  1. I just re-installed my C4d, and tried opening the preferences before installing Redshift. Its still doing the same thing ... Any suggestions ? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi DasFrodo, I didnt change the documents directory before, so I presume its linked to SSD by default ? Hi srek, how can I check that ? Can you explain what do you mean please ? Thanks
  3. Hi Cerbera, I downloaded it 2 days ago - so must be the latest version
  4. Hi there, I just got new R21 installed, (I had Redshift already so I a got "C4D only" subscription ) I open C4D and go to Edit / Preferences. It takes 2 mins to open, with the task manager opened C4D is showing as "not responding" so its completely frozen - but after more or 2 min its coming back... Opening it second time its quicker, but if I close C4D and try again its doing same thing. I have 2 X 1070 with updated studio drivers to the latest version. Anyone had the same problem ? or can suggest a solution please ? Thanks everyone for help!
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