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  1. Thank you I'm gald to be here too Thank you. I working with hair&fur about 3 years But 6 years worked in different 3D spheres That is why I - 3D Generalist. I can do everything excluding animation. Thank you Thank you. Coming soon
  2. Hi, Igor. Thank you for your comment. You can turn on the Eng subtitles. What do I think about WC? This is awesome software with real-time viewport. I like it. It is very intuitive. I learned many features in one day
  3. Hi all! My name is Andrew Krivulya and I'm 3D Generalist I'm 29 years old. My working XP - 9 years (6 years outsourcing). In my spare time - I create 3d tutorials for my Youtube Channel -> https://www.youtube.com/AndrewKrivulya and started to create C4D tutorials recently. You can check my portfolio here -> https://www.artstation.com/artofcharly Here are some articles with me: - Interview for ChaosGroup blog(2019) - https://goo.gl/SNtN21 - 3D Total interview(2019) - https://bit.ly/2L8fvDD - 80lv interview (2019) - https://goo.gl/DqqW9t - Interview for Corona Renderer blog - http://bit.ly/2oKiB6v - 80lv interview (2017) - http://bit.ly/2H7kvor - 80lv guide - https://goo.gl/Npec4o - CGTrader Interview: Charly And His Freelance Road To Success - http://bit.ly/2FwjXv4 - Render.ru interview - https://bit.ly/2GJQivR - Wacom Ukraine coupons 2018 - http://bit.ly/2FxgKLY - 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 96 - 3D Artist Magazine. Issue 114 - Render.ru magazine. February Issue 2018 - Render.ru magazine. September Issue 2018. - Render.ru magazine. December Issue 2018 - Render.ru magazine. March 2019 - Render.ru magazine. August 2019 Thank you. Best regards, Andrew.
  4. Hi, everyone! This is RU voice + Eng and other captions tutorial. In this video we will talk: - about creating a rocky landscape in World Creator using different settings and filters, - about its texturing using procedural textures, - About exporting color and displacement map, - About importing this landscape into Cinema4D and rendering into Arnold Render 6 GPU. I also: - will teach you to imitate a light haze or fog, - will show how to do easy post-processing in Photoshop to get a more voluminous and atmospheric image. Video content: 0:00 - Greetings. The theme of the lesson. 0:32 - Creating a basic landscape in World Creator 2. 1:31 - Using filters to create rocky terrain. Rocky Plateaus. Angled Erosion. Talus Simulation. Rugged. Sediment complex. 5:31 - Procedural landscape texturing in World Creator 2. 12:57 - Export the desired texture in Cinema4D 14:22 - Basic Arnold Render 6 GPU Settings 16:11 - Creating Plane and setting up Arnold Sky 16:41 - Arnold Parameters Tag 17:19 - Adding a Displacement Map to Arnold Standard Surface 18:40 - Creating a preview-mesh in order to see displacement in the viewport. 20:16 - Arnold Render Fog 22:02 - Procedural Fog with Cinema 4D Noise. 24:22 - Changing the FOG color and setting the Bounds Padding parameter. 26:18 - Post-processing in Photoshop. Checking the composition using a Threshold. 29:04 - Forrender Renderfarm 29:12 - The promotional code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm. 29:15 - Info partners 29:18 - The ending and previews of other lessons. Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
  5. Hi, everyone! This is Ru voice tutorial, but ENG and other captions included. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how: → to create Ornatrix Hair from a preset in Cinema 4D → to create realistic wool. → to enable the display of real-time wool with shadows and AO in Viewport using special material and the MeshFromStrands modifier. → to render the first WIP in Redshift IPR. Video Content: 0:00 - Greetings. The theme of the lesson. 0:27 - What is Ornatrix for Cinema4D? 1:07 - What to do while waiting for the next parts? What to watch? Recommendations. 1:49 - What is the difference between Ornatrix for Cinema 4D? 2:18 - About the new principle of Ornatrix tutorial series creation. 3:04 - First steps. How to create an Ornatrix object from a preset? 4:16 - Getting started to creating wool. Creating a basic mesh. 6:18 - How to enable a Real-time display of wool or hair in Viewport? 7:05 - Management of the number of hairs in HairFromGuides. 7:52 - How to remove incomprehensible bugs in the normals of the Ornatrix object. 8:04 - Creating a light source for viewport lighting. 8:44 - If you have a weak video card. What to do? 8:56 - How to remove visible spaces in some parts of the wool using Barycentric Interpolation - Manual Interpolation? 9:45 - Using Surface Comb modifier. Add Sink Tool. Editing Slope Ramp. How to make a sharper transition between points? 11:46 - Edit Sinks button. 12:49 - Strand Detail modifier. 13:00 - Curl modifier. 13:36 - Clump and Sub-Clump. Add Clump Index Channel. Region Channel. Clump Count and Clump Creation method. 15:56 - Length modifier. 16:08 - Frizz Modifier. Preserve Strand Length. Length Dependent. Outliner Fraction and Amount. Group Channel or how to apply this modifier to a specific Clump group? 18:47 - Redshift Light. 19:21 - Redshift Hair Material 19:50 - Test render in Redshift IPR. 20:19 - What will the next lessons be about? 20:29 - Forrender Renderfarm 20:36 - The promotional code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm. 20:40 - Info partners 20:42 - The ending and previews of other lessons. Enjoy watching! Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.
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