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  1. Hello, I'm currently working on a human spine model and I'm trying to combine a tube in it which will help to contain a metal rod and reinforce the vertebrae between themselves. I successfully did the tube, using a spline wrap and a tube. However, once I use a boolean to make the intersections between the spine and the tube, I got a strange result The tube looks hollowed and has no more face above nor below. The tube, normally, looks should look like this: My goal is to get each one of the vertebrae combining a section of tube so that I could export them individually and print them individually too. Here is my best attempt but the result shows the tube as reversed inside the vertebrae... Any advice or idea to share with me? Many thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a french fine art student and I'm currently learning 3D modeling. I've previously used sketchup and used it mainly for 3D mechanical models but now as I work on a project involving some details and anatomic human organs, I need to go further; I decided to use C4D, advised by a friend of mine, but the logics and workflows are really different from my previous experiences. As I try to learn by myself and to get the informations through the existing forums, I regularly found this forum and got useful informations. But, now it is time to enter in the arena because I'm too much struggling with my models. Here is a short description of my current state. I'm looking to mastering more this software and being able to be skilled enough to finalize my own designs. Have a great day!
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