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  1. Hey folks - So a solution has been found - in my case the issue was project setting frame rate not matching the render frame rate. Ended up with that repeating cadence of missing frames. thanks so much to everyone
  2. So I have started having a problem with missing frames in my renders - for example out of a 300 frame shot, After effects would give me the error message that the image sequence is missing 4, 9, 14, 19, 24... in a long sequence. That exact same same pattern is happening on the whole batch of takes I rendered recently. Im on R21.207, Redshift2.6.51 (legit subscription) on a windows 10 machine - with 2x 2060Super gfx cards and 64gb of ram. each frame is like 12 seconds, just really perplexed this recurring problem. attaching some screenshots and a project file with my render settings (using redshift) - hoping its something simple, but never seen or heard of this problem before - the number pattern seems not random though, so i feel like . thanks so much redshift_skipframe_prob_render_settings.c4d redshift_skipframe_prob_render_settings.c4d redshift_skipframe_prob_render_settings.zip
  3. had a spell where I barely touched c4d, and now back with a new PC beast and a new found interest in all things c4d. have a few questions I would love feedback on any or all. - I have a project with a bunch of takes to render out - there doesnt seem to be a "skip existing" option for rendering out of takes manager to PV - considering a render manager - does anyone recommend one over another? Team Render? Deadline? (Mostly working on a 6900 cinebench PC for c4d but also have a 4000 mac pro) -I have the external compositing project save check on for my render settings, rendering from take manager for a bunch of camera moves, not seeing the after effects projects get saved for each image sequence from the takes manager, will I have to manual turn on each camera and do a save for each, or should it be possible to automatically kick the AE data when rendering each sequence? - I still love png - arent .exr or TIFF super large files? Am I a fool for using .png? Is there anything better? -I have a PC and MAC, tried using file sharing, but it never seems to automatically come on and connect between them. I can get them to talk sometimes when theyre on the wifi - had no luck just plugging an ethernet into the backs of both of these computers. is a NAS drive or something the answer? for those of you with networked PC's and Macs - what are you doing, and does it automatically mount the other machine when you turn them on? Thanks
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