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  1. oh thanks but still got some hairs that stretch out and my hairs still pass through the plane, i don't know what to do that happen when the character goes on the knees sorry if my english is bad im french
  2. yes but this project was just for explain my problem my real one is an animated character dancing fill of hairs and the hair are going through the ground and don't collide even when i remove the rest mix and also got a part of the hair glitch and strech out
  3. hi i got a problem with my hair simulation, the hair don't collide with the plane when i upgrade the rest mix and i need to upgrade it. here's a project file for explain my problem i really need to keep the same effect of the Rest Mix and got the collison with de plane, any idea ? hair_sim_test.c4d
  4. ohh thanks a lot i was just ignoring that you can add a texture to roughness. sorry for the useless post ! and thanks to all body
  5. Il already saw this but my material don’t get the same result there is the project of my texture i just don't understand metal.c4d
  6. I have download the maps but i can’t get the same result im not sure if the emplacement of the texture is the good one
  7. Hi all I start in c4d texturing and for my project i need to reproduce this texture https://3dtextures.me/2018/11/19/metal-001/ But i just can’t get the same result. Where i need to put the map for that ? And need i to change some value after ?
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