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  1. I feel like the lights is not so realistic, it is supposed to be ceramic and it looks (for me) a little bit like plastic..maybe it needs more bevel? and the dish hast like a 2D shadow instead of 3D. I wonder if my version or my render configuration is bad?
  2. Hello Good Morning, I hope someone can help me with this, I am making a cup of coffee in cinema 4D, I am study and my version is Cinema 4D R21 for education, it comes with all the tools and etc. I wonder, why my render is still not so good? I was speaking after lot of hours of work to at least, have some nice reflections or some realistic effect, that actually I see lots of cool stuff in cinema 4d but with me, it just come some trash haha. If you guys need, I can also send the file.. thank you!
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