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  1. Cairyn thank you so much! It's amazing. If you want i have some examples another vertex maps. You can share on your patreon. And if you can you can try make last effect with velocity , but only if you can. I don't want you wasting your time. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi Cairyn! You are everywhere! Yeah i understand how it works. Now i trying someone who helped me with the setup. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello guys! Can you someone help me? I'm watching video from Simon Holmedal where share his workflow. In one moment he explains how he put null object on one of the corner and grow distance from null object. HERE IS LINK on video. My question is how i can make this vertex map when starting point will be null object. Thanks
  4. Hello guys can you someone help me? Or Share your files? I watched same video with Simon Holmedal and i trying find solution how to make it same setup like him
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