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  1. @ Hrvoje, thank's a lot for the file. I have tested it. IT WORKS !!! I have implemented it in my scene, looks great now. Could be closed now.
  2. Hello, I have tried to attach the zip-file, which size is 5MB. Unfortunately upload limit is 3MB. Should I send it per e-mail? Which address, please?
  3. It's me again with some more details. The polygon object is changing Position, Scale, Rotation over time caused by soundfile loaded in sound effector. As you maybe know the sound effector can drive PSR directly, no xpresso is needed. So far, so good. Is there any method how jiggle deformer would pick up changes in position, scale, rotation and would jiggle accordingly? If not: How could I transform this movements in Keyframes (each frame/picture gets one keyframe). Thank you in advance
  4. Hi Folks, I have a polygon object animated with Sound Effector, which works well with Position / Scale / Rotation (no keyframes used). Now I want to add a secondary movement with Jiggle Deformer, which doesn't work. Any ideas how to implement the Jiggle? C4d R20 Thank you in advance
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