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  1. Thank you so much @Cerbera- much appreciated. You cannot believe how much important it is to hear / read that and I will take this to the team as well for sure. We are pushing World Creator where we can and the goal is to keep it epic and make it even more epic - thx a bunch again and soon I am going to post some renders and information about it.
  2. WorldCreator

    World Creator

    A collection of terrains and landscapes created with World Creator and rendered using C4D and Octane.
  3. Hi everyone, my name is Stefan Kraus. I am co-founder and CEO of BiteTheBtyes GmbH, located in Fulda, Germany. We are the developers of World Creator, a procedural and real-time terrain and landscape generator / creation tool. @Igorcontacted us and asked if we are interested to become a sponsor ... and here we are - thank you for contacting us, much appreciated. I love that idea and since we use C4D ourselfes a lot for creating awesome renders and animations, it just fits perfect. We are 100% addicted to digital content creation, especially to terrain and
  4. Thank you @Igor for contacting us - honestly, the sponsoring idea is really awesome and we are happy to join and be part of this community as well - much appreciated. I am going to introduce myself in the proper thread and I also will upload some of the renders our community and we did using Cinema4D, Octane and World Creator in combination. Since we are currently developing World Creator 3 and pushing things where we can, I hope it is also OK and welcome that we keep you up-to-date with the development progress. Also of interest might be our upcoming shortfilm (mid March 20
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