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  1. Thanks for repliing! So I need to make a dozen of multi shaders? Isn't there a more random & easy solution? Attached you see an example file. As you see, now the texture looks identical on every seat. I want to have on a different position on every seat in the cloner groups (-> without converting the cloners into single objects. If I convert them then I would use "x+rnd(100)" ) Here is the file (size a bit too big to attach...): https://www.file2send.eu/de/download/1z61ujgJ43S5QpYZD0SUHfI3jRNAFxCqznmBKjoCXixKKopLDFef1WysvCEOaDzq Greets
  2. Hi all, this questions was asked a lot of times in different forums and there are a lot of unclear answers and not-clear-enough questions. So please write only an answer, if you have a short & clear solution for this topic .... to have finally an 100% clear answer to that "cloneer-texture-offset" theme. 1. general information - project is a theater with a lot of seats, red fabric, all together there are 8 seat-rows -> 8 cloner objects - the seat itself is one single object -> dropped into a cloner to generate seat rows -> then "Multi Instace" turned on (to save RAM) 2. problem - the goal is to create a realistic look while not converting the 8 cloner's into hundret's of single seat objects - realistic look means: = always a different position of the material, there are no shematic repetitions & no "copies" in nature - usually I would use "x+(rnd=100)" in the texture offset slot in the material tag, but in this cloner mode this is not working and every teture has the same position -> so, every clone's instance of the red seat of the theater has the exact same position of the red fabric material, that is totally non-realistic & needs to change 3. question Please give me "an easy to understand" solution, how I can get a texture offset / texture random offset in a multi instance cloner object. No color changes, no bump changes, no animation - it is ONLY about the position of the texture on the seats's instances - how I said: I know how to make a random offset in a normal objet group - with "x+(rnd=100)" -> So again: Please can I have ONLY a solution for exactly the asked topic which is: (Random) different offset position of a red fabric material in a clone group. If this is not possible in Cinema 4D, please write it directly, too. Thank you
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