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  1. Hi, I've come across something odd when trying to centre groups containing instances. When you apply a material to an instance object, the centring works fine. However, when you apply a material to the instance reference the centring boundaries are ignored. Is this normal? See attached gif. Thanks
  2. Hi, is it possible to control values for the noise shader through Xpresso? - In particular, "Loop period" or "Animation Speed"
  3. I will look into this, thanks
  4. Hi there. Is there a node or user data module that is able to retrieve the total amount of frames on a timeline? The total time in seconds would do too Eg: This is 75 frames long at 25fps 3 secs long: Many thanks
  5. BashiBazouk


    ok thanks. I don't remember selecting the version
  6. BashiBazouk


    Hi there. New to Cinema 4D, but used a lot of 3D in other programs in the past. Where is the best place to post annoying newbie questions? GENERAL DISCUSSIONS area? Just thought I'd check. Thanks!
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