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  1. I tested a little 3D sequence and rendered it with multi-pass (all image layers). I import the sequence in After effects with an .aec file, it works perfectly fine ans as I was expected. However : I see that the gamma is not part of the equation (fine, I can go through this). But there is a kind of outline on the objects (see the image). I identified the shadow layer as the suspect number one, but I don't know what settings I should set to fix the problem. The .aec file is supposed to bring all images with all the corrects fusion mode... Is that a common problem ? I already had thi
  2. Hello, I have an animation of a blooming flower that I copied several times with an instance. I didn't clone it with a cloner because I needed to have control on where exactly these flowers would be copied. However, I would like to offset the keyframed animation. I tried mograph effect with time offset (plain, time, random, step), but it doesn't seems to work... Is there anyway ? Xpresso maybe ? Thank you, AlterEgo
  3. Hi ! To move your object in the editable mode, you should unchecked "Enable Axis". When its checked, only your *object* axis will move
  4. Well, it is still a great clue Thanks a lot !
  5. Hello, I was wondering, is there any way to see (in Xpresso or something else) what equation is used for a dynamic ? I was playing with "friction" and "gravity", and tried to scale down an animation with a linear factor for each parameter (except gravity). My goal is to set a user data which all parameters would be increase or decrease by only one linear factor... I know that using an instance works perfectly fine (cf here : https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/scaling-dynamics/1647006/3), but I need this animation to interact on different objects with differents scales, that's why creat
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a life adventurous person, trying to know everything about approximatively evrything. Fascinated by 3D (but not with enough skills), I'm here to learn and hope that, one day, I'll be able to help too! See you


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