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  1. Hi, I'm having more or less the same issue with rectangle selection. In a particular scene, I can't even select any objects with rectangle selection in object mode. And since all options are greyed out for rectangle selection in object mode I wonder which other setting might come into play. If I start a new scene and create some cubes it still is possible to select the cubes with rectangle selection. So it seems a project specific issue/setting. The objects I try to select have axes that are with my rectangle selection, so this should not be the issue ..
  2. Hi, Kinda new to scripting (python) in Cinema 4d. Have done scripting in Modo/Maya but only the scripting languages, no C++ I was looking for a code snippet that get's the selected property (parameter or channel). With the property selected I would like to open the f-curve on that selected property and bind this to a hotkey. Thanks! l
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