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  1. Like paul said you should make your 3D object editable. You can do this by hitting the globe in the top left corner or by pressing C.
  2. I need some help with rigging, while testing the ik chains I added I noticed that to wasn't bending the right way. I made sure it was bent in the direction I wanted to go, also making sure I didn't mess up anything with the pole vectors. After hours of frustration, I finally realized when I brought the character into C4D from Zbrush that I accidentally placed it in the program reversed from Positive Z. So my question is, can I easily rotate the joints without caring about z-alignment or will I have to start over again? And if I can how? Cinema 4d R17
  3. I couldn’t find the version on c4d I used, I’m still using R17
  4. Hello everyone, I’m an amateur user of Cinema who has played with the program for their own personal enjoyment But now I'm trying to get in the animation utility of cinema 4d. As I try to learn myself through youtube and reddit, which hasn't been the easiest. In my searches I came across this forum where I got a lot of answers from, so why not join?
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