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  1. Heya friends, I am learning C4D lately and I was wondering if you would recommend any 3D magazines to read casually. I remember back in the day I use to buy Computer Arts, Web Designer, .NET and - although you could argue that these magazines sometimes are more a show off of other people’s work - occasionally I found some good inspiration and tips and tricks in there. For 3D I am really not an expert and I would enjoy having something in the mail every month that keeps my curiosity up and also makes me relax with some 3D reading far from my screen. Any recommendations? (3D wo
  2. Hi all, I am I am looking for a C4D Tutor/Teacher to get some 1:1 online lessons I am a beginner, but have solid understanding of graphic design. I can do some basic renderings. I am looking to get up to speed with C4D, mainly concentrating on lighting and modelling. Potentially 1 lesson a week for 10-15 weeks. Can you recommend anyone? Please let me know.
  3. Thank you very much for your Suggestions @DasFrodo You're absolutely right! One of the thing I find pretty difficult at the moment is render settings. Do you have any suggestions on that? I have used the native physical render in C4D and then a few days ago a friend suggested to me to try Arnold. The things is, I think for now it's too much to take, as I am not even used to the native C4D rendering yet, so using Arnold opens up a whole other world. Also from what I can see, Arnold has new ways to treat lights and materials, which presents another challenge. If
  4. I introduced myself a week ago or so (maybe 10 days) I have been a 2D Designer for almost 15 years now jumping into 3D. These are my first renderings after a week, pretty much, on cinema 4D... Could you please give me some feedback? Maybe you see mistakes, weird things, that as a not 3D person I don't see. (or any suggestions, tips feedback welcome, thanks so much in advance) I haven't focused on modelling whatsoever, more on setting up lights and the scene. Please let me know, link here >> https://cl.ly/01ed12d4db0d Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. @Rectro Thanks so much for coming back to me Dan, it is really appreciated. Actually I didn't even think about Materials, but this is such an important part! I will follow your advice, thanks!
  6. Hi all, I have been doing 2D design for over 12 years and I am now jumping into 3D. My main aim is to model and render, so far these are the 2 areas that I want to develop and use them together with Photoshop for post production. I am mainly interested in icon design, as this is my core skill as 2D graphic designer. I heard great things about this forum, so I have decided to join and I am glad to be here. This is the level I would like to reach (pls click on the example below), and I am wondering if you can advise how long it is going to take me in your opinion. (I kno


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