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  1. Nice, i did it. Is it easier if i took a bulge deformer, change the axis rotation and cloning as i rotate the deformer?... I tried to change the axis with Axis modification before, but the deformer follows the axis, how can i change the axis orientation without affecting the place of the deformer, in example: I want to change the axis of the deformer to the center of the torus, so when i rotate and copy/cloning i'll be able to position the deformers like in the picture above.
  2. Why a deformer inside a cloner has no effect on the object?... How is the correct procedure?
  3. Hi everyone, anyone know how to render a Redshift PostFX in a separated layer?... I can't seem to find the way in AOVs nor multipass. Above image is with and without Redshift PostFX. I did already a sequence of .png for that animation and i had lot of problems when i load into After Effects, the pngs are all with alpha channel and is very tricky to have that image with postxf and transparency, something weird happens when you scale the image with postfx, if i scale down, at certain point the postfx just disappears, and also i have to setup the blending mode to Lum
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