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  1. So.... I create an object that is the same physical dimensions as the brick texture i am using, apply the brick material and cubic mapping. How do i save a preset from there?? After that step, what ever i apply that preset too will remember the mapping from the brick object?
  2. Just checked out cubic projection. Its all in percent and when you mesh an object it disappears. This is getting really frustrating. There must be a way to enter the actual dims of the texture map, I cant believe its not possible.
  3. Yeah, its all to scale, built 1:1 in meters.
  4. This is an example of my work where the floor tiles had to be exact dimensions. The floor is driven from a texture I created and mapped with exact UV dimensions. Very easy process in 3ds max to get the UV dims correct, I am hoping I can replicate this in C4D.
  5. Sorry, got the brick dims the wrong way round but cant be bothered to re-record.
  6. Hi. I Just recorded this video as an example. Its with bricks this time but the principle is the same.
  7. Noob help! Coming from 3dsmax, I am struggling with precise texture or UVW mapping sizes. In this instance, I have a floor tile texture where each tile is 600x600mm in size. The map has 10 tiles squared so in 3dsmax i would set the UVW cube or plane at 6000mm. All i can see thus far in C4d is percentages which is not what I need. Is there a way where i can specify the cube or plane UVW size. Any ex 3dsmax user will know exactly what I mean by this. Searching google is being far from helpful!!!
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