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  1. Hi I try v-ray proxy, I can export vrmesh but I can not find a way to export vrmat. I intent to use this vrmesh and vrmat in V-ray for Revit!
  2. My laptop is low. I guess. I look in your cube. It also not smooth. You should model cube with sharp edge to test. do you have any suggest? Chrome look good before render:
  3. @Cerbera It spent 20 minute and reduce noise. Not smooth as expected. Is It relate to Bump in Material setting?
  4. I share with you scene without model of cube. Because It's asset of company. The cube use default chrome material in C4D library. Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuAcyL2kNiCPhZZk3ho1AJb3Ujhw2g?e=PZkTOp When I change Sampling quality to Medium. It reduce noise but It cost me 1 hour to render.
  5. Hi How can I reduce these noise. I use default chrome material in C4D. I try redude bump Strengh but it'not work.
  6. @bezo I tried Project/ Include. It work better. Thank you
  7. @Cerbera I try to place area light in back side. It work. But I face other problem, they bright the table too.
  8. Hi I render this cube but they show dark on one side. I tried place point light, spot light and area light. View picture for details.
  9. Teach a skill is better give "a gift". I'm taught a way to do it. But still hope to hear your process to cross check. If you really want to share.
  10. Well Done Bezo! you 're expert Could you share details of process. Thank
  11. I think you are expert! could you give more details
  12. Hi I open file fbx tree model. there are textures file in other folder. When I open. they do not recognize texture. How can I fix it? Attached file for testing: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuAcyL2kNiCPhYQuYFVYb_rrAEQPrw?e=cRBdL3
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