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  1. Hi, I'm working on some illustrations and looking for a way to reduce the shadow strenght on the floor. I tried multiple things with the HDRI settings, but not succeeding. I am using a shadow catcher to export a transaparant background. In the image above place on white and blue. On blue it looks fine, but on white I want a barely visable shadow. Like 20% of strenght seen on the right, but with the same lightning and exposure on the object itself. Any ideas/tips on how to tweak shadow strenght on the floor? Thanks in advance Layer list: - A
  2. Thanks for your reply. Where can i find this setting? Im using OCtane Render and a Area Light and a HDRI Environment as main light source.
  3. Hi, I've attached a screenshot of my layers and scene. I am trying to decrease the darkness of the shadow on the floor. I want to export a transparant 3D image, so I am using a shadow catcher. But because I am using an HDRI Environment, I added another HDRI Environment with a plain color. When set to black the shadow is really dark, when set to middle grey, the shadows appear too white, unnatural. Any tips on decreasing the shadows on the floor, without effecting the rest of the scene too much? E.g. I dont want a shadow on the left of the object as well. Th
  4. Hi, I'm making some 3D icons for a website. Like this: https://www.behance.net/gallery/89692695/Skandia-3D-icons?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended|3d icons What i want to achieve is a certain RGB value on the background. So it blends nicely with a website background. As soon as I add lightning (HDRI / GI and stuff like that) the background color changes of course. Is there any way to keep the color solid and consistent as in the example above? But without losing shadows? I already tried exporting as transparant background with alpha channel, but I
  5. For a reason the black glitches are gone. Did a graphic card update and restarted the PC. Things are solved now
  6. Thanks for your reply. That did not work unfortunately. It was not in an animation. All those checks are off now, same result.
  7. Hi, I'm having a glitch using phyical renderer. See screenshot "capture" below. The result is white and black random shapes in my render. In the second screenshot GI you can see the GI settings. Anyone any idea how this might happen? Feel like I did not change anything and 15 minutes ago I had no problem. PC restart did not work either. Mark
  8. @Cerbera I don't completely get this part: " Now let's start the front fascia, by selecting these edges, ctrl-dragging them up, and zero scaling on Y... how do you select exactly those edges? Is that zooming and and click by click select those edges? By dragging it also selects the button edges of the arch. Which we dont want right? When I ctrl drag up I end up with an arche, in your screenshot it's a straight line. How you do that?
  9. Thanks, ye definitely. Not per se the super realistic stuff. But rather abstract Art such as these things: https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/286189751306851299/ or https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/324048135686718066/ Any tips on where to start my journey? What to learn or what courses/tutorials I should follow?
  10. Thats pretty awesome! Thanks for the extended reply. I will try this out later today and let you know the rest. About that bevel deformer and it's location in the element structure: some effects needs to be placed inside an element as a child, other above as a parent, and this one on the same level in a group/null. How does that work, why the difference?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to create this example (for practice): https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/309692911879762880/ But I have no clue on how to make that door shape. Perhaps this is very basic stuff and anyone could point me to a tutorial covering this kind of stuff (I can't find it). Perhaps because i'm not familiar with the overarching 'technique'. So far i tried this: create a square shape, and apply a bevel on 2 corners. This will create a door shape. However: I can't apply a bevel to the entire edge of the door anymore. I've added a screenshot of what I got s
  12. Just here to say hi. I just started using Cinema 4D, and have loads of questions since I notice it's a rather complex program. Hope to find some help here C ya around the forum.


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