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  1. Okay, Ive done this wardrobe like you have shown on the last picture, worked nicely thanks! Even the bevel works now
  2. hey, im kind of new to the Cinema 4D, and i cant fix this problem. Im making a very simple cupboard, which needs to be rounded on the sides/edges, but i keep getting into some problems, here are some videos of problems: https://gyazo.com/3be60132babea993bac589cf5c606fe4 - either it just everytime makes up spikes at random spots each time - https://gyazo.com/f5eafb72be0b88f67f1d392443db952f or this happens: https://gyazo.com/17c3e107bcabe56e207046d189a3cb43 <- this is how it should work, dont mind only 2 edges selected, that is just for the point of this and these two edges are right above those from the previous link ->https://gyazo.com/c0bbca926f4846214982e14c71938abc .. Ive tried the optimize button several times, several time removing the edge/point and making a new one with bridge, nothing works. Id be thankful for some fix. I am also attaching the file, if its needed. cupboard.c4d
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