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  1. maya and max, and i think houdini use also 2.7. so it is not a deal breaker. do not know which new features python 3 has. my idea is to develop a selection tag, which selects components with various conditions. for example a loop from a predefined edge. or all edges with certain angle between them, or polygons with a certain normal. but the point is it should be procedural! everytime the base mesh changes this selection tag should evaluate the new components which meet the conditions. then this tag can be used everywhere a selection tag can be specified. do you think this is possible in python? from what i saw i think yes.
  2. Hi guys, i wanted to ask you if python can do anything a c++ plugin can do? it is clear, that the performance is worse, but what is with the capability? I want to create some modifiers, generators, tags. Is python capable enough to do this things? Thanks!
  3. Okay, I have still a small problem. In the UI the option is now switched but nothing happens in the 3d viewer? I am missing something? It is like an "update" is missing or something.
  4. Thanks, that is a cute nice trick.
  5. This seems not to be documented? Trying to find the constant for non planar polygons option and can't find it.
  6. wow, thanks! i will try it.
  7. Hi, in modelling settings there is a section mesh checking. I want to toggle the option "Not planar polygons" with a key shortcut. Is there a possibility to do that? What I tried is to record the change of this setting in the script log, but it does not record the event of changing this setting, so I don't know the command id to change this setting. Otherwise I would use c4d.CallCommand from a script to change this setting and assign this script a shortcut. Has anyone an idea how to solve this? Thank you!
  8. This gives me hope, that customers are not ignored. Good!
  9. The most I am missing from max is the slide, softselection, constraint combo, which is really powerful. And of course the modifiers. Perhaps they will give in one of the next updates cinema more procedural power, that would be cool. I think underneath there is already much there.
  10. How on earth did they get rid of the best help system in any 3d app? are they crazy? If so I would never ever support them. p.s. in 21.1 they added offline help? but again in a browser and not the old internal stuff?
  11. Yes at least max is more powerful than cinema. but it makes more fun and it is more robust in cinema. it seems everything is more straight forward and very versatile (something i loved in softimage).
  12. Thank you for your feedback! Some questions on my side. 1) Code Voncs Selections suppletives supports alternate selection which is not "pattern selection" in the sense of modo and houdini. I mean the interactive pattern selection. You select a pattern and it extends it in a way which extends the selected pattern. alternate pattern is a special case. 2) I know one can use the restriction tag for the ffd. But then the ffd cage is not aligned to the selection, which is unfortunately useless. Is there a way to restrict the cage to the selection in a fast way (Fit to parent obviously does this not)? 3) You mean, you cannot have degrees of bevel in cinema? Because in other softwares like houdini and max you can. in houdini you define a custom attribute and in max, the weight map can be used for this. But okay, cinema does not support it so it seems. 4) I know you can enter formulas in every field, but this does not solve my problem. I want to take place the translation in object space for example, not in world space. quantize is a good alternative but i thought you can use the type in on the left bottom for this when you select object(rel) mode 5) Okay good to know with the Q key 6) Yes with the key "." you can crease. I am talking here about crease sets. A crease set is a selection of edges with the same crease weight. The Structure tab can show you edge weights, but sets are not visible. Searching for something like the crease set manager in maya or max. Again, thank you very much for your time!
  13. Hi cinema4d community. I am new in cinema4d and wanted to ask you some questions. I hope you can help me. Here are my questions: - is there a similar select? Plugin? (like in 3dsmax) - is there a pattern select? Plugin? (like in modo, houdini) - is it possible to constrain the ffd on selected polygons? as it seems it works on the whole object - why does the vertex map restriction tag not work with bevel modifier? Any other modifier seems to work. Is there a solution to this? - in the transform type in (left bottom called position tab) there are three modes: 1. object(abs) 2. object(rel) 3. world. did not find anything in the documentations between the differences and a description - how can you transform relative to the gizmo axis with the transform type in? For example in object space I want to move the object 1cm. How can you do that? - i have remapped the shortcut Q, which was by default for the activation of subdivision. which command was bound the Q key? cannot find the correct one - is it possible to create crease sets? they are really handy. i know you can crease with the "." key - can you in cinema straight edges/points or uniformly distribute them? Are there some plugins which can do this (beside HB_ModelingBundle)? - is there a plugin which can slide, constrain and soft select components at the same time ? (like in 3dsmax). There was a kyamaslide plugin, but not sure how it solves my request and i cannot find it for R20. - in R20 is only houdini engine 16 possible, not the newer ones? I know this are many questions, I hope you can help me. Thank you very much!
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