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  1. Thanks @Cerbera! I tried placing a regular light inside but it still wouldn't shine through. Should I try with a different kind of light or try different transparence settings perhaps?
  2. Hey, I'm trying to create a shining light bulb. I used a model from C4D's Content Manager. I tried tweaking the glass material of the light bulb - adding luminance, glow etc. Nothing seems to be working and give the impression that the light has been turned on?! I presume that's an issue with transparency. I'd greatly appreciate your help, thank you! I've uploaded the file here, as it was too big.
  3. jinxy

    Hair strand

    Thank you, tweaking the radius removed the issue of the two intersecting each other! Am I supposed to do anything else after choosing Set initial state? When I regrow the hair after relaxing, it shoots right up instead of going back to the shape I'd modeled it in.
  4. jinxy

    Hair strand

    @Rectro I'm so very grateful for the time you took to explain the process to me! I'm studying photography and I've been teaching myself how to use C4D since March, as Covid interfered with my plans for my uni work, and that has been the most informative clip I've seen so far! All you said in your previous post makes perfect sense now; I had no clue about the tools (Move, Tips etc.) related to hair modeling. And I remember reading about Shadow maps with relation to lighting hair which I had no idea where to find - and obviously that's related to a tag... Thank you so much once more, you've saved my project, I've been trying to get the hang of hair for over a month and it turns out a lot of it is easier to achieve than expected. Final question, I did get what I was looking for in the end. However, I tried relaxing the hair at the end, just to see how it would look if it naturally fell onto the surface beneath it. I've used Hair collider tag on all surfaces underneath but the strand keeps going through the edges of that plate nonetheless. I'd placed it higher up, so that it wouldn't intersect with that object prior to being relaxed. Could there potentially be an issue with the plate itself?
  5. jinxy

    Hair strand

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! And the video on clumping has been extremely helpful! I made the adjustments you mention but I still end up with several thinner clumps. Should I increase the number of roots? Also, for some reason when I relax the hair, it goes through the plate, even though it has the hair collider tag on. I'm also failing to understand how to make the hair object visible in the viewport, so as to see the actual hairs. Also, what do you mean by using smooth mode? Update: Sorry about that, the screenshots just popped up after reloading the page. I'll try again! I've reuploaded the file here, as it's too big: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7qsahshdyhm30ls/Hair.c4d/file When I try to relax the hair, it just bounces a bit but it doesn't really fall down. And for some reason, the roots are spread out over the entire plane, instead of just along one edge only.
  6. jinxy

    Hair strand

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm after, except that I was trying to make the strand longer, so that it's starting point (the wider bit) isn't part of the image. I'm working on a fine art project for uni and I'm using still images only. I was thinking of placing it on a plate but I guess I could just brush the guides so as to lay them correctly on top of it?!
  7. jinxy

    Hair strand

    Thank you for your prompt replies and apologies for not including that information in my original post! Another thing I just noticed is that although I updated the length of my guides, the actual hair renders much shorter. I've also added a reference - I suppose I want something similar to this but the curls to be looser, so as to look more natural (I guess, with more frizz?) Hair.c4d
  8. jinxy

    Hair strand

    Hey, I am trying to model a single wavy strand of hair laid on a flat surface. I tried doing it with a spline but I don't have much knowledge and experience with it, so I couldn't really come up with what I wanted. In the end, I added hair to a small plane outside of the shot and brushed the guides back into it. I'm struggling with the hair material though. The hairs just go everywhere instead of clumping together into a strand, even though I've brushed the guides together into the shape. I'd greatly appreciate your advice on fixing this!
  9. Thanks so much for explaining that @Cerbera! I'll have a try and report back if I encounter any issues. When you say though that this collision type needs more calculating time, is there another way of creating that sort of shape without using Metaball?
  10. Hello, Apologies if I've picked the wrong thread to post this topic, as well as if I'm using the wrong terminology! I created this sort of mesh using metaball, as can be seen below. I'd like to add an object - imagine a sort of gooey liquid stuck inside and going through the gaps in the mesh, to interact with it. I cannot figure out how to do it. I tried using emitter with spheres so as to simulate liquid; another metaball with melted spheres within it (not sure I can work with 2 separate metaballs together?!); and a subdivised shape I modeled on my own. No matter whether I try to make one a collider body, and the other a soft one - or cloth vs. cloth collider, the object just goes through the metaball mesh but doesn't interact with it, so as to be 'squeezed out' through the gaps. I'm only trying to create a still image. I'd really appreciate your help with this one! Thank you!
  11. Thank you so much, @Cerbera, I've been trying to fix this for ages! I've encountered another issue though. I'm trying to have the object collide with hair and for some reason it isn't working - the hair keep going through the shell. Could there be an issue with how I've grouped the polys?
  12. Hi, I've been trying to model an egg with a crack in its shell. I used a tapered sphere, applied Voronoi Fracture, then tried making it editable to remove one of the fractured pieces (which I'm pretty sure isn't the correct way to proceed?!) and then tried smoothing it with Subdivision Surface; tried adding a Bevel and then adding everything into a Null, but that didn't work either. In any case, the shape comes out with these jagged edges. I would greatly appreciate some help with this!
  13. Hello, I've been exploring C4D for a few weeks now and I've reached a point of needing to bake a model of a hand I sculpted. I read that ideally, I'd have to go through UV mapping first. I followed a couple of tutorials on Youtube but the end result was the hand turning out mostly black and grey all over. I saw other people struggling on here with the same problem but the answers they were given did not fix it for me. What I did was, I opened up an .obj file of a sculpted hand and added my own adjustments to it on top (I read somewhere that UV mapping on .obj source file doesn't work?). I added a material with color, giving me the possibility to paint on top, and applied it. I tried every single setting on there - not just the options under Projection, but also tweaking Optimal Mapping - but none of them give me an unwrapped version of the mesh (I've attached a couple of the results). I saw a tutorial on using Project Mesh - but then I don't have a simplified model of the hand to applied the sculpted one on to. I also applied Polygon Reduction deformer but it gave me a message saying that there were no more angles left to reduce. What I'd like to do next is rig the hand, so that I can tweak the position of the fingers. I'm not exporting for animation or anything; I'm a photographer, so I'd like to take a still image of it later. What is there for me to do at this point? Should I sculpt the hand from scratch myself, in case the file being an .obj one may be giving me problems; and is it certain that I won't run into the same issues again at the end? And should I instead model it? Thank you!
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