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  1. Thanks again so much, After a few attempts I got it. Selecting the Vanes and ensuring they went under, rather than to the side of the cone in the object menu was where I slipped up but learnt a whole lot. Very cool video, and to have that instruction was priceless in my learning. Perfect
  2. Many Thanks for that. Truly appreciative, I will take a look right now. amazing
  3. Hi CBR Here it is. Ive tried everything so far and consider myself a bit unlucky not to of got there. Maybe its just my inexperience or maybe the file is not editable? Im greyed out in that section. anyway any ideas are welcomed and appreciated
  4. Hi Thanks Bezo for the example Was good to compare different settings. I am struggling. After following tutorials etc It seems theres always something which doesnt seem to work as it should because I dont have a big enough knowledge of the overall program. Thanks for your time. Best Regards,
  5. Should I send you the scene file? If you have time?
  6. Hi CBR Thankyou for your generous offer. Ive been on this a good while now and am learning a lot but no luck as yet I will continue but if you have a moment I would like to send a scene file. Im assuming its the file Im using To see the steps which would make everything fall into place and teach me a huge first lesson would be just amazing. My plan is to copy and paste the moving turbine multiple times as a wind farm would look in the sea. Huge Thanks. In your own time. Im very grateful
  7. Hi Thanks for that CBR. Will try create a pivot point. Many Thanks
  8. Hi I am a beginner, I had on file a wind turbine which I would like to animate the blades of. I have got as far as grouping the blades and the central bit. What has stopped me in my tracks is I cannot seem to turn them from a central 'handle' any help to further me along a bit would be much appreciated pls see pic
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