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  1. Hello everybody, i´ve build a little scene and animation. But im having a problem with lighting. So far im happy with it, but as you can see in the clip, everthing is very bright. It should rather be darker because it its suppose to be a night scene. I also plan to add some streetlights and some other stuff(maybe also change the animation) but firtst i´d like to get the lighting right. I already changed the settings but i can´t seem to get it right. Any Advise would be greatly appreacheated. Low Poly Isomatic City Night Scene (Animation) WRONG LIGHTING "Isometric City" Night Scene with Animation (Licht noch nicht angepasst.) "Isometric City" Night Scene with Animation komplett in Cinema 4D erstellt mit Wind und fliegender Zeitung und Gulli aus dem Qualm kommt.
  2. hi, Im also very new to all of it. but just today i leaned something new and your post reminded me of it. Im not sure if i understood you correctly but maybe "subsurface scattering" can help. Under Illumination, under Textur, effects. Choose subsurface scattering and then one of the presets and change them around. And on the Buttom do change the value, depending on how small your object are and how much light you want to go through at the edges.(in german its called "Pfadlänge". i googled it in english ??"path length"??) I hope it will help you. if its unclear what i mean i can upload a video (sorry my english is not so good). good luck
  3. Hi everyboby, I just been watch my Starwars R2R2 Videos i made recently. Thats one of the first things i did with Cinema 4D Its a few clips and my movie at the end. Hope you like it.
  4. Hey^^ I just uploaded my first try using the Bridge. But i will change it again. It took me very long to render, so i didnt wanted to waste the footage, so i uploaded it anyway.. i put your link in the description also(but it doesnt work, please send me the new link and i will replace it. )
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first try Rocket launch using Xpresso / Pyrocluster / reflector any advise to do better? Thanks.
  6. I just checked your Link. It doesnt work. all i get is this "An Error has occured"
  7. Great. Thanks a lot! Sure, i will send you a link(once its done) and of course i will also post your Link under it. ..i will let you know.. Thanks, Ben
  8. Thanks. May i also use it to make an animation. And then upload it to youtube?
  9. Hi, i made a quick video. I hope it helps It would be too long for me to explain (my english is not that good)
  10. Industry Factory with Forklift Cinema 4D Test Film Hello everyone, Here is yet another little Industry scene. Its a Factory with a Forklift coming out. (my current project) This is still a work in progress. Please let me know if you see something wrong with it. Industry Factory with Forkliftapler Cinema 4D Test Film
  11. "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film Hello everyone, Here is another scene, this time its a Industrie City Szene, with a little flip animation. I have been inspired by a Pruduct video for a network router or something. Im not sure. I cant find it anymore.. Didnt do much lighting. "Isometric" Industry City Cinema 4D Test Film.
  12. Thanks. I have to check that. but i guess i am not yet this far. modelling und animation is just too much fun :-D :-)
  13. Thank you i have another one where there are a few more details. I startet out trying to do a low poly scene..
  14. Hello everyone, This is my Test Film of a little City Szene, made in Cinema 4D. (Isometric Style) Isometric City with Wind and a newspaper flying through the wind and a "Gulli" where smoke comes out
  15. Hello everyone, This is my R2D2 Test Film, made with Cinema 4D (Premiere Pro to cut the Film) I made a little Movie of R2D2. This is the Film. I didnt write a story. Just focused on the animation The following should be included: -a kind of corridor with doors (has become a spaceship) -test boiling water -R2D2 drive behind with camera ("chase") -light testing -R2D2 take off -smoke (first attempts, not very successful) -and a few more things.. Hope you like it (Sorry for my bad english) (Film at 3:15min)
  16. Hello everyone, my Name is Ben, i been doing a course on Cinema 4D. I try all sorts of things. But still need A LOT OF HELP I am here to find it and to introduce myself (Sorry for my english)
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