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  1. Hi everyone! Ive made a Wireframe mountain terrain which I'm happy with! however I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to transform the mountains into a wireframe city? My idea is that the camera will go through the mountains like you were driving through. Then the surroundings of the mountains change after a few seconds to a wireframe city? Is this possible or am I going crazy? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi guys, I'm pretty new to C4D - I've made this weird maze thing and in the centre there is a square that I need to animate it too fill an orange colour and to emit a bright light. Is that possible? Thanks!!
  3. Realising I suck on Cinema 4D today is not good! how did you manage the circles on the grid? I guess there's no way of accurately recreating the landscape to be like my image? due to seeds?
  4. Does anyone know how to create this landscape and effect on Cinema 4D? I've made it on Adobe illustrator but I'd love to create this on Cinema4d and get some form of animation together. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
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