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  1. I figured it out. I managed to track down someone with R17. All it takes is to open the old file in R12 - R19, resave it, and then it works in R21. The plugin isn't necessary. Thanks for the replies.
  2. It doesn't work in R21 but only R20. It also seems that plugin only detects for files that were made in an earlier version and "when running in a version which still has the ability to load such scenes (e.g. R19), it can convert these to a newer file format"
  3. I teach an animation class at a university in which we use C4D. Due to the virus, we've had to move online. I'm in the process of recording tutorials and uploading the files the students will need. I also recently updated to R21. The students have also downloaded the academic version of R21. Unfortunately, all of my tutorial files, about 17 files total, are from an older version (11.5 or older) and won't open in R21. I don't have access to a previous version either, which is what R21 is telling me to do to save it out to make it compatible. Is there a quick way for me to convert the files? Can I upload them somewhere and have someone convert them for me? I'm really up against the clock getting my class online. Thanks.
  4. It must be the version that I'm using. R18 will not allow me to close the shape with the knife tool. I downloaded R21 trial and it works just like your video. Weird.
  5. It will not connect back to the first point to make it an enclosed shape. The knife tool keeps going until I hit escape, which cancels all of the lines.
  6. I'm jumping from and old C4D version to R18. How do I do a simple thing like cutting a square hole in a polygon. In my previous version, I used the knife tool set to hole mode - click around to make points on a polygon and done - simple. Now, I can't figure out how to do the same thing with the newer line cut, poly cut, tools, etc. It just cuts from an edge to another edge. I just want to cut a hole within the existing polygon. I'm aware of booles but is there just a simple way to punch a square hole in a polygon?
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