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  1. Hello guys, I am currently working on a character facial animation using motion capture. I have all my morph tags well set in C4D but some of them have a very low strength, even at 100% strength. Is there a solution to increase that strength ? I am aware that the value can be increased over the 100% just by entering the value but the cursor is limitated to 100% and it is not very convenient when using keyframes. Thanks a lot ! J.
  2. Thanks a lot Bezo !! I actually tried more while waiting for an answer on the forum and I found a better solution : Just put a Connect Object as a child of the very first null you want to "Connect Objects + Delete" Put everything else into that Connect object Put all texture tags on the Connect Object (verify "use texture" is enabled) Then Connect Objects + Delete the very first Null. Basically replace the second null by a Connect Object. Thank you for your answer and the effort you put with all the screen captures and explanations. J.
  3. Hello guys, I've searching for an entire day before reaching you and I can't figure it out. If you check the scene file attached, I have a setup with a bunch of cloner, instances and objects which are textured in cubic projection and assigned on selection tags. If I Connect Objects + Delete my rig, I have a loooot of duplicates texture tags as well as selection tags. I also lose the selection tag names. Why C4D isnt just merging everything that has the similar name and reproject the texture with cubic on the new object ? I notices that if my textures projection are set to "UVW Mapping", The Connect Objects + Delete works very cleanly and keeps my selection tag names. Any idea how to get a clean object tags after Connect Objects + Delete ? Thanks a lot ! J. connect-object+delete.c4d
  4. Hello Havealot, Thank you very much for your detailed message. I need to be able to scale whether the Original Object or the Instance because I have a texture applied on the Cloner object set in Cubic Mapping. I don't want the texture to scale with the object but instead repeat itself as a pattern. Both using a Plain Effector or using the Cloner Transform Scale parameter makes my texture scale with the objects. Thus, I tried to do your latest solution but I can't find the disable "Reset Coordinates" in Cloner Object Tab. Could you explain that a little bit further ? Thanks a lot, J. Edit : It actually works with Cloner Object Tranform controls, I did a mistake while testing. But still would like to know the disable "Reset Coordinates" in Cloner Object Tab stuff
  5. Hello guys, I am trying to achieve something that I thought would work out of the box but it seems it appears more complex. I attached an exemple scene below. This is part of a biggest project that I can't share here. I have a Cube inside a Null, everything grouped inside another Null. I have a Cloner that clones an instance of the Null containing the Cube. When I use the Scale Tool and scale the Nulls, I see my Cube scaling in the Viewport. BUT If I create a User Data and a simple Xpresso to drive the Scale parameter, nothing is scaling in the Viewport. How to set up an expresso that would let me control the Scale of an Instance ? Thanks ! J. xpresso-scale.c4d
  6. Hello guys, I am looking for cloning object on a polygon surface via the Cloner. Problem is that the surface comes from an Instance. You can see the simple scene attached. Surface cloning works when my cloner is disabled, it doesnt work when my cloner is enable. Anybody knows how to get the selection tag to work when instance is placed inside a cloner ? Thanks a lot ! J. instance-selection-clone.c4d
  7. Hello again, I have a Spline that I want to Instance multiple times for modeling an object. I then set up a very simple User Data / Xpresso Null to control the scale of the Spline. My problem is that when I scale the Spline using the Xpresso, it doesn't scale the Instances (which are used in some Extrude Nurbs for example). In the viewport if I used the scale tool on my spline, every Instances scale well, so I don't know why it wouldn't be possible in Xpresso... Anybody have an idea ? Thanks
  8. Sorry for the delay Bezo, it did the trick, thank you very much. J.
  9. Hello again guys, I have a hard time trying to clone an object along a Spline Instance. I have a CLoner set to Object mode and in the "Object" tab I drag and drop an instance of a Spline but nothing is working. 2 questions : Is it actually possible to clone over a Spline Instance ? If it is not possible, does anybody know some workaround ? I should keep using Instance because I am using Xpresso and the Condition node to pick among a bunch of Splines. Thank you !
  10. Hello MighT, thanks for your reply. Well yes, I don't know if my initial idea was good or not. What I am trying to achieve is to generate a random seed (from a Random effector) every frame. Edit : I found my mistake, I just deleted the Random node and just connected the Time node to the Effector Seed. I want to start from the default seed value in the effector so I just added that constant to the Time node. Also put the Null with the Xpresso in first place in object Hierarchy and I dont have lag anymore.
  11. Hello again guys, I face a problem with my Xpresso setting. I want to drive some random values every new frame. I set a Time node (to Frame) > Random node (Free) output as Integer > Object Random value seed. It is giving me what I want but every time I do Ctrl S to save my file, it triggers another seed value... Even if I stay on the same frame of course. Basically every time I click somewhere in C4D, the random value is changing. Anybody ever experienced it ? Its quite annoying
  12. Thank you very much guys ! It did the trick ! I never use the Correction deformer so I didn't think of it at all... will rememeber it now
  13. Hello guys, here is my problem : I have a rectangle Spline, that I put in an Extrude object. It gives me a Cuboid. I then use a Bevel deformer to round only the corners of that Cuboid. My idea is to use the Shell selection from the Extrude object to restrict the Bevel deformer, but it gives no result. If I don't restrict with a selection, the Bevel deformer bevels every edges of the cube, which I don't want (I don't want to round the caps, just the corner on Y). Shell selection tag is needed because with the Shell selection I can also apply a material to it, so that the material doesn't show up in the beveled edges Any idea ? It is important that I keep using a spline in the Extrude. Thanks a lot !
  14. Wait, that is totally what I needed ! No need to script ! I just didn't think at all about the Random Field... Thank you so much for the help man
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