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  1. Okay thanks will try that but why do you think the i was doing, appears to work in the render preview but when I render out my video it doesnt?
  2. Hey there, I have a tunnel of clones which a camera travels through, I want the clones that are closest to the camera to visible rather than being able to see down the whole tunnel. I also want it so that everything apart from the clones is Alpha. At the moment I have an environment object with fog on and a transparency material on it & then have a "Composition Tag" on the parent cloner with "Seen my transparency" unticked. When I do the render region it appears to work although when I actually render the video the whole tunnel depth is visible. Any suggestions as to why this doesn't work? Or does anyone have another way of creating this emerging clones effect.... Thanks
  3. Hey, I am trying to animate a grid array of clones so that each instant of clone rotates on its own axis at a different speed and angle, random angle and speed would be ideal. I am struggling to find a simple solution to this, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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