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  1. @Cerbera I figured it out after a year of having this model you are a beautiful human wouldn't have figured it out if it weren't for you. Thanks a bunch
  2. there is A phong tag and uvw
  3. @Cerbera hello cerebra thanks for the reply. I did sub divide the model but it only seems to get smoother losing details in the face and beard the below picture I baked it and that seemed to make it even more smoother but still not has detailed has his, I even spoke to the artist via instagram unfortunately he had no idea how to use c4d but he did tell me that he had used a displacement added on it in 3ds max. apart from that he told me to add a displacement map to it he told me that he provided a displacement map in his 3dsmax file so I should place that on the obj in c4d. thank you
  4. Hello I am Lindsay Gomes and I recently purchased an obj model for c4d the model shown by the artist was in high quality and well defined but when I import it into c4d the model is completely distorted and hopeless I asked the designer but he had no idea since he only worked in 3dmax and zbrush can someone please help me out
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