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  1. Hello, hopefully this is in the right place. So as a new user of C4D, the program itself is very intimidating. I've tried to watch a lot of tutorials but often it feels like even the basic ones skip critical information, the uploader jumps from A to B without explaining, or expects you to already have information that I don't. I made a joke model in Character Creator, and have been so far successful in uploading that that character to Mixamo, auto-rigging it, exporting this model in T-Pose, and then importing the .fbx file to C4D. Unfortunately, once I get the model in C4D, I don't quite understand how to manipulate the limbs in order to keyframe and animate. It feels like I'm missing a step. I tried selecting CC_base_body, and everything else in the hierarchy section, and making it a child of "Character" because I thought that was was the issue. But that didn't work either. The animate tab doesn't show up on any limb or part of the body of my model. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the hierarchy? Can someone provide some advice or a beginner's tutorial to let me know what I'm doing wrong? I've attached a pic of what my setup looks like at this time.
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