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  1. I just saw your reply, thank you so much.
  2. Hi guys, In After effects there is this life saving plugin called ease copy https://aescripts.com/easecopy/ I'm sure there has to be an equivalent plugin for c4d I just can't find it. I found a plugin for c4d in this forum https://forums.cgsociety.org/t/ease-and-wizz-style-plugin-for-c4d/1441155 but the post is so old that the plugin itself doesn't exist either.
  3. Would love to get a file of this, I'm trying to achieve this effect. Essentially I want to control the colors with octane materials. @BJasper same here trying to solve this simple effect as well.
  4. Thank you very much, I've made two additional post on the forum hopefully I'll hear from your help Cheers.
  5. Hello everyone, Today I'm trying to achieve what seems like a simple effect but I haven't had much luck with it. (Check the summary at end of post to see what i'm trying to achieve) Here are my early ideas/concepts: Idea (Set selection + Fields) Note: It's possible the effect i'm looking for is achieved with vertex mapping and fields, and I have not used these techniques correctly due to the fact that i'm a motion artist who has primarily worked with After effects and now happily joining the C4D world. 1. Start with a plane 2. Set a polygon selection 3. Enable 'fields' 4. Add 'spherical field' result (1): https://ibb.co/mbrtyvq Thoughts: Not at all what I wanted, I was hoping that I would be able to control the expansion of the material unto the plane, instead it create an interesting pixel like effect, will save this for a more graphics project. Idea 2: I'm struggling with getting the effect to work on a plane, so let's simplify and try the magic cloners. 1. Create clone > Object mode 2. Insert sphere to plane polygon center 3. Add spherical field and enable color remap Result(2): https://ibb.co/VMkjv9M This works for controlling the color of each clone through a gradient (Super cool) however it only renders in the physical render engine, when I try to render in octane the effect fails, I have tried to add an octane object tag but that did not work. Summary: I'm trying to achieve the ability to control the color of materials using fields. Essentially I'm trying to achieve this effect and render within octane. https://ibb.co/chCgscv 00:1 - 00:2 -- I can achieve this effect fairly simply in after effects but unsure how to go about it on C4D despite trying several options. Hopefully someone can shed a light on this. Here is the file I have so far https://drive.google.com/file/d/18zvS88OQDVgv5N_yEzsCT_yfC_xx9VBE/view?usp=sharing I doubt it will help much.
  6. This is my first post on the community aside from my introduction. I have more experience working with hard-surface models on C4D than I do with effects. Recently I came across this effect which I found here Effect Video (0:38 - 0:42) The entire production is filled with effects, some that I got right away from my general knowledge, others that I'm able to find by searching on Youtube and other places. But this one effect in particular I find difficult to crack. My first thought is to create a plane with a lot of points, then use a matrix on a sphere to place them to each point on the plane. Use the step effect or fracture to explode the spheres upwards, or maybe a formula to achieve waves. However the tricky part is that this effect seamlessly morphs into the rectangle shape, and each sphere has a different color but becomes plastic on contact with the surface. I'm hoping someone could help with this, and maybe help me create a file for this effect and we can share it with everyone. Cheers
  7. Hello, I'm a UI/UX designer and 2D motion artist. For about 2-3 years I have been learning C4D. I started my adventure with a lot of tutorials on modeling hard-surfaces, although I don't consider myself an expert yet and hope to learn more. One of the areas I want to improve is working better with details and holes on surfaces that bend such as tiny intricate details on the band of a watch. Another goal of mine is to improve my Mograph skills. Looking forward to starting awesome techniques debates on this. You can find some of my existing work here https://www.instagram.com/nelsonnoa/
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