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  1. yeah I was able to get it to work that way too, but the reason I am making it is to make it very flexible. So hoping to keep the getCache() bit. wonder if it is just a bug?
  2. sorry I tried to do a bunch of searching for how to debug using the manager, but I am not really understanding the correlation between nodes and the x-manager. I tried moving them in the order from left to right on how they are connected but some are parallel so not entirely sure how that should work. Can't find any resources on how to learn this. if you have recommendations I would be super grateful. Spend about 2 hours just dinking around to see if I could get it to work.
  3. For some reason when my animation loops it will error out on the first frame. I can hold the timeline down when I drag it breaks it, but when I let go it seems to fix is, so it seems like it's only when it's in motion or I'm dragging it? very confusing to me. I have tried so many different ways to loop through 0-9 and none of them seem to work. I might just be doing it wrong. you can see me dragging the timeline here, when I let go it seems to set it correctly. but when it renders and plays the first frame is still broken: and it just playing through the animation here: any ideas what could be causing this? attached the file itself just incase. 001.c4d
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