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  1. @Jops thanks i will take a look at it! @Cerbera yeah i know that c4d doesnt export 265, i wanted to export images and "render" the video ewith ffmpeg (pictures to -> 264 and 265) edit:// looks like i need a subscription to download the blender open movies?
  2. Hi Guys, i have to hold an Presentation about H.265 and i want to have a Section where i compare H.265 to H.264. To have the same "Baseline" for both Resulting Videos i would like to Create multiple Images which i combine to one H.265 and one H.264 encoded Video. For that i would love any kind of HighQuality Sample Scene which i could use. Im a Student so i can use C4d for free - the Project should be C4D or any other Software that i can get for free as Student. I dont know how to use C4D therefore i hope maybe some one has some Cool Scene or could link me one - for me to use for my Presentation. I googled a bit and didnt found anything suitable. I hope im at the Right Place! Ty in advcaned
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