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  1. Yup, i bought a pair of Gskill F4-3200C, the same as the pair i have in my system to avoid bottlenecking and conflicts, hopefully this will solve the issue, thanks again!
  2. Oh wow... interesting, that might just work, though without the displacment some details would be missing, im gonna give it a try!
  3. Ouch, okay......welp thats a bummer, i guess ill have to go shopping now, eeesh, 79 euros for 16 gigs, thanks anyway!
  4. So i have a detailed scene of a vehicle with 446263 polygons, 90 objects, and ca.475733 Kb of memory, My workstation has a Ryzen 3900x, 1660 Ti, 16gb of ram ddr4. When i render my scene with physical render and GI, during preperation my pc slows down significantly, my memory usage rises to 99 percent after a minute, and then around 3 to 2 minutes, the preperation stops with an error: not enough memory..., now ive searched on the internet but everyone else either had too many clones that arent instanced, or they have 6-8 gb of ram. Smaller scenes from other projects renders just fine. To see whats wrong, Ive tried to render it with the standard render settings, but to no avail, it prepares for a while then stops with the render pitch black (expected) but no warning, only that the single chrome tab i had forgotten to close said : oh snap, static stackoverflow. that cant be good but i dont know what went wrong, please help me. Here is my c4d file : https://easyupload.io/p82g0o some textures would be missing cuz i cant seem to upload it to easyupload...... Thanks in advance, im grateful
  5. Wow, thanks guys! this is really helped the problem, Im gonna quote this as the current answer to my problem, you guys explained it perfectly, my fuselage of bad geomatry's faceting is gone!
  6. yeah....i wasnt too strickt on having no ngons and triangles.....now it comes back to bite me, but just like you said, parts that arent exactly bad are also having this problem
  7. thats true, the normals are opposite but it didnt fix the issue after i reversed the normal, overlapping is hard to say as i optimised it and the area had no overlapping poly, but thanks for the sugesstion though
  8. hm Hmmm, if i look closely, the tearing starts when it reflects the sky, like on the side , in the light housing and bottom fender, its hard to notice wide away but if you zoom on the headlight area its should be more apparent
  9. @Cerbera Thanks for replying, if i understand correctly, its the checkboard thing right? i think i removed the normal tag for the layer Forest which is the fuselage, but still the same, heres the link for the file though, please give it a shot https://easyupload.io/94khha, thanks !
  10. Im in desperate need for a fix to my rendering problem, as the follwing photo suggests, the rendered surface of this car paint is made of countless hard edged polygons i have subdivision surface enabled, phong tagged with 40 degrees and optimised, but its still happening, this only happens in render, i dont know what i changed, but it wasnt like this before, just one day this started happening, i would be ever so grateful for some help! Thanks PS: I dont have any other programs except the raw C4D, so the render is the default program
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