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  1. A friend who has a lot of experience in Maya, Cinema and recently also Blender could help me. Generally the graphics cards in MacBooks are not that good. My graphics card, which is actually only designed for my MacBook, has to much more bars than it can handle on a second screen. This is no problem with graphic software like Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects > with 3D it is a problem. Solution: 1. sync the screen from your MacBook to my external display 2. set the same resolution for both screens > does not always work How I did it: I chose the first way, so I synchronized the screens. After that I turned off the synchronisation and the problem was gone. So I fooled around with my stupid MacBook
  2. Yeah, you're right. The update of the libraries didn't change anything, so the bug is still there. All right, then I'm gonna get a ticket. I'd like to have version 20 again, but my student license had expired, so I had to virtualize.
  3. Yes, I definitely have version 21.207 > see screenshot There are a few updates open, but it's more like a material library and stuff, but I'll install them.
  4. Hello, everybody, I am working on a Macbook and have connected it to an external monitor. When I open C4D, the program opens normally on my Macbook. If I take the C4D workspace and drag it over to my monitor, the background turns red. Even if I switch between the views, there is always an area on the monitor that remains red. Do you have an idea what could be the reason for this? I never had this problem before ... only since the latest version
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