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  1. Please help me, maybe someone knows how to make it work: I made a character rig in cinema R16 , now I`m working in cinema R19 and now I needed this character rig made in version 16. I open this rig in version 19 and everything is saved and there is animation work, and everything seems to work , BUT - there is a bug in the spine bones (in IK mode) - the bones twist 2 frames to the side, with any animation. no matter what animates even a simple shift to the side in a straight line, the bones itself twists a little bit 2 frames to the side and then falls into place. so I understand that this is some kind of bug when transferring a character’s rig from 16 to 19 version. If I select the bones of the back, then it is clear that they are twitching - they rotate somewhere by 20 degrees to the side. and this is when the IK back is on. if you switch to the FK back then this rotation disappears, but returning back to IK there is again this rotation bug. is there any way to import rig with animations from c4d R16 to c4dR19 without that bug ? rig is simple biped from c4d character rig. made a video so that it would be clearly visible where the bug is and how it looks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a7uzgLUJpE&feature=emb_logo Has anyone encountered such a problem, decided somehow? Thanks in advance !
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