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  1. I wonder why the topic was moved to VRAY section? This is classical C4D Texturing and UV question? The Vray matterial is 4 bitmaps which can easily be transferet to standart Cinema matterial ... I mentioned the vray in case there is more than one way to apply the original bitmaps to each slice with the new UVs. Can you please move back the topic to its original section in Texturing and UVs? Thank you! Best Regards
  2. Hello everyone, I have a project where I have to animate slices of pizza. I have one object - whole pizza with texture. I want to split it into 8 pieces and each piece must have a separate texture because when I split the polygons with voronoid fracture the new "caps" created from the cuts dont have any texture and UVs. I already retopo each of the 8 slices but I wonder how to transfer each chanel - specular , glossiness , bump and displacement maps from original object to each slice. I have the original ( non retopo ) slices and they have the original texture and UV from the whole pizza. So my question is how to transfer the 4 chanels from original model to the new 8 object who now have new UVs because of retopology? And all the textures are V-Ray Advanced Matterial because I work with V-Ray if you have any idea i will be very grateful !
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