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  1. I see thank you so much for you help. I don't know so much about Cinema 4D but i am learning. My interest has started with Real3d and Sculpt4d (Amiga), 3d studio, Caligari True Space and Brazil renderer on PC many years ago but i left 3d world. Things changed so much since that days.
  2. Thank you. Do you think it is ok now? scene2.rar
  3. I faced a problem as seen in the picture. I changed the anchor point of cloned object to bottom but when i start to clone over a sphere, some of the cloned objects don't touch to the surface of sphere. All of the cloned objects must touch to the surface properly.
  4. Maybe i'd better to try zbrush or sculpt section of Cinema 4d. The red model has a low poly. I also tried metaballs to form a shape like but i couldn't get proper result.
  5. Thank you. I will try this. I need to clone the shape several times so this should not be cpu consuming btw.
  6. Thank you but when i render the scene with standard renderer i did not get similar result. Scene is consuming too much Cpu on my computer. I started with a cone first, converted to editable. I pull some faces up and down and subdivided but i couldn't get similar result. There must be an easier way to do it.
  7. Thank you so much. I will try normal extrude method. I found another method in youtube but it creates too much symmetry in the model.
  8. I don't know so much about modeling so i can not create this model without extruding. I just applied a C4D material with some bump. This will be a static image and i want to take one frame render.
  9. Thank you. Sent the model. model.rar
  10. Hi, I created a sphere and made some polygon selections than i extruded them. Finally i applied subdivision surface. When i was texturing the model, i faced this problem in the extruded parts.
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