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  1. So, there's no way to do this with plain standard options and "expect them to interact with collisions or dynamics". I can add smth like Frizz animation for particular time segments to avoid intersection with the other hair selection set, right?. Much better! But this won't give me any collisions. Maybe, there's another way and you can guide me to the right direction? What if ..to try something like duplicate and hide collider object (let's call it Head) and split set selections between the heads. Therefore, I'll have 2 heads with different hairs (selection sets). And then these hairs of different objects may interract with dynamics...? I tried to make a test, but stucked because I still have to deal with a hair collider (of copied head) for the "second" hair and somehow make the other "first" hair (of main head) be a collider for the "second"
  2. Oh, thank you for your reply, Dan! I tried many things during the last days including "hair to hair" (I have not so many hairs, so it doesn't take too long to calculate). But for me it works only inside one particular hair obj. Thank you for make me realize that problem is not with me). I'll try to look into Ornatrix
  3. Hi, everyone! I have a very small experience in C4D hairs, so maybe lost the basics. But I tried a lot and didn't catch any solution. Please, help! A have an animated object which have 2 polygon selections I use for different hairs. And I just can't make this 2 hair types not to penetrate into each other.
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