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  1. Hi, i'm new to cinema4d, started to learn this week I'm using cinema4d to do the motion track and render, and exporting it to AE for post processing Here is the problem: I import the video to cinema4d, do all the camera tracking, add a object to the scene, render it to PNG files and load it in AE But when i put the video and the PNG files togheter in AE, the object seens to be desynchronized with the video, in cinema4d preview its perfect, but in AE it wiggles around a little, i feel its desynchronized, but i've checked to be sure the video is in 30FPS and that cinema4d renders it in 30FPS as well, cinema4d exports all the frames Here is the example In cinema4d: https://streamable.com/19dnc4 In AE: https://streamable.com/3hp3f9 I guess its some configuration that i'm not aware of, any help please?
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