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  1. Thanks. Ticket sent earlier. If/when I get a response I'll let you know. Thanks for your willingness to help. I do appreciate it!
  2. Just checked - it is set sRGB . . . still no idea why it is changing.
  3. I have the same setting. Happens on every project I create. Please see 25 sec video here:
  4. Hmmm . . . running a mac with no GPU tinkering and scenes created by others seem consistent when opened - any idea what preference option could cause such an inconsistency?
  5. Thanks - yours looks consistent. Mine - attached changes dramatically. Thanks for any help! pbr_light_change.c4d.zip
  6. Thanks for your response. No other lights. Happens on every scene. No idea what setting might cause this. Thanks for any suggestions!
  7. After Effects guy learning C4D - not sure what setting is awry but my PBR light is super dim in editing mode, but super bright when rendered. Please see attached - truly grateful for any help.
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