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  1. I am building the periodic table and want to assign different colours to each element depending on some inherent properties (e.g. density, mass, number of valence electrons) So, I need to add information to my objects (e.g. Object "Lithium" has melting point of 181 degrees). Then I want to assign a colour to specific temperature ranges. and automatically let C4D add a colour to each element based on the melting points. I imagine not just selecting for melting point, but also for density or metal/non-metal or mass or number of valence electrons etc. Can this be done? I assume some sort of conditional formatting is needed.
  2. I want to simulate atomic behaviour in solids, liquids and gases, by letting spheres (atoms) vibrate and collide with each other. Each sphere has a rigid body tag, so that they can collide, but when I add the vibrate tag the spheres won't vibrate - only when I remove the rigid body tag. Any suggestions how to combine these two tags? Thank you in advance <3
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