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  1. Hi there, hope someone can shed some light on how I might tackle this.. The simulation I'm trying to create involves cells dying, shrinking in size and turning to grey whilst doing so. Currently I have a cloner object with its clones being attracted to a larger sphere hidden in the centre to establish a cluster.. I've tried a plain effector to run across the cloner to shrink the mograph selection I have setup to isolate specific clones, but not playing ball. (Image below) In terms of the yellow to grey colour change I'm using Arnold render for this project & finding it challenging to figure out where to do this also. Any help would be much appreciated. All the best.
  2. Hi everyone, Having a bit of trouble with shadows when compositing objects into real life video. Using the shadow matte shader in Arnold to cast shadows onto a plane. Want to try and eliminate the hard edges of the plane so it falls off nicely into the background plate. (Image of the issue attached) Would love to hear suggestions, regards christian
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