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  1. Hi, sorry. I´m using C4D R20 0.59 Studio, and Redshift 2.6.41. Thanks
  2. Hello, Im having a problem with Redshift and material previews in node editor. Everything seems to go fast, but when I´m editing some texture with IPR Active, a little red square appears in the top of the sphere and the material get freezes when I touch the parameters, usually the roughness. That red square still there. Then, sometimes, when I touch another parameter, the material reacts fast, sometimes, very slow, and in general with no logic. When I disable the IPR view, the material previw works well again and I can see the changes in the material in real time. What is wrong here? Maybe something of my configuration? I think my machine has power enough to have the IPR and the material preview working at the same time, but if not, I would like to know. Machine specs: 9940x 14 cores RTX 2080 SUPER 64 RAM Thanks!
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