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  1. That did the trick ! Thanks a lot !
  2. Hey ! I'm running into an issue and can't find any solution yet (because i don't really understand what is causing this) Here's my problem : I got a super simple character with a super simple rig (10 joints or so, see attachement), it work fine for animating his arms/legs. But i just tried to give this guy a dynamic tag (i want him to float somehow while playing the animation) but when the character rotate upside down, the arms "fold" 180°. Looking at the rig while playing the dynamic animation, i can see the joint flipping upside down again and again as the character rotate... I think it may be related to up vector, but i never really understood how to get it to work, and on which particular object/joint i should use it :c Another weird thing, this issue doesnt happen if i rotate the character manually ! I'm a bit lost on this, so if anybody could help me, would be great ! Thanks in advance animtest.c4d
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