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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. Here is my scene file. Thanks! -David Flamingo.zip
  2. Hi everyone! First post here, so thanks in advance for your patience and your help I'm having issues with a model that I am texturing using a UV Texture combined with a native material. The UV Texture contains an alpha channel so that the pink material shows up "underneath". The issue is that my textures appear to look fine in the Viewport, but when I render them they do not render correctly. Here is what I see in the Viewport: Here is what I see when I render: Here is a closer look at the portion where the UV is supposed to be showing. It has weird banding where the texture is supposed to show through. I'm not sure what's going on here... I would really appreciate some help with this issue if someone thinks they know what's going on. I'm on R17 Studio if that is relevant. Thanks everyone! -David
  3. Hi, my name is David. I've been a motion designer for about five years. Most of my work is 2D although I occasionally use C4D for 3D work. Sometimes I run into issues due to my limited knowledge and I wanted to have a resource for troubleshooting. That's how I ended up here! Thanks in advance to everyone for their help! -David
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