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  1. Hi! Thanks! Thanks to your wizardry it renders super fast but im losing most of the glass transparency and it becomes more translucent instead. Which settings to tweak to perhaps find a good balance here? So some transparency is present
  2. I have not but looked it into. wouldnt this have to upsale every single frame at which point its just easier to render in 4k?
  3. futureprofing. Plus my screen is 4k. but noted!
  4. So I have 14340 frames... Assuming 1 frame takes a minute to render, that's still 240 hours... Model is a simple glass object with HDRi attached. This is what it will look like. Here are my settings for physical render and global illumination. Can anything else be adjusted? Is this a good workflow? As far as output should it be a set of 4K JPG's or mp4 would do? I think I might have to send this bad boy to render farm...
  5. Ok call me crazy but for some reason i still notice camera slowdown at the beginning during the times the spline is flat and more fast when the spline curves. What else can be adjusted?
  6. hmm was actually wondering how will i render this thing. Its 14000 frames... and I want to do 4K resolution. Was thinking of sending it to a render farm basically. If each frame renders for one minute is 240 hours...
  7. That did it thanks! What are the Intermediate Point setting? Also curious to know what do None, Natural, Adapted and Subdivided variations do and in what scenarios are they useful?
  8. So the camera rail spline comes to my object and twists around it and then exits it. When it comes close from the starting straight, it slows down, I'm assuming its because its super close to the object. Is there a way to equalize camera speed no matter what position it is facing ( I should say the camera has target tag on the inner sphere inside of my sculpted object thingy so its always facing it when on the spline)
  9. Do I change Project time + Maximum time + Preview Max time from 90F to more frames? And how to know many Frames there would be in 7 minutes?
  10. So basically I'd like to make a video that runs 7 minutes with 4k resolution. I created a camera that's running on a spline and targeting my 3D object in center. (One key-frame at beginning, one at the end) Right now the animation is set at the default 2-3 seconds 90 Frames. How do I make it run 7 minutes with and be fairly smooth?
  11. That fixed it thanks!
  12. Well the line seem to be in one piece. I made it using Spline Pen tool. Are you saying it might be multiple pieces and I should join it? If so where is "select connected" command?cant find it
  13. Heres a link to the file.
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