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  1. I got a partial solution for you: https://community.insydium.online/index.php?/topic/80-retime-cached-particle-simulation-solved/ BUT.... when I tried this, my particles were moving so fast each frame, what I got from the "interpolation" which turned out to be simple "linear interpolation" making each particle move in straight line from one frame to another which is just funny haha.
  2. In xp Exposia FX there is "sim speed" http://docs.x-particles.net/html/efxsimulation.php However, this setting mess up with lots of other parameters like smoke diffusion etc they have to scaled again to achieve the same look, which really sucks. For other effects like xpFluid, there isn't even a way I know to achieve slow motion effect! The xpFluid is something I really have to use in my project, but the particles all move too fast and becomes jagged simulation if re timed.
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