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  1. Hy guys, does someone has a clue on why, when I render, as the character passes in areas of no light, a weird ''contour line'' shines on? I thought it was a material problem, but I was wrong! In the image is very slight (You can see in on the head) but on video it becomes annoyng, as it's moving along with the shadows Have a great day guys!
  2. Thank you very much for the answer! Actually, I found a solution that fits this project better, which is, in sculpt mode, using Volume mesh after I re-imported the file as an obj! Even if I will go for that solution, I will absolutely follow your suggestions in the next project, you're right about size and over-complexity, I will do my best to improve that! Have a great day!
  3. Hi! I feel like the solution to this is right in front of my eyes, but I'm not seeing it I hope some of you can give me a pair of glasses! I modeled a face, it is a single objet, already editable, but it looks like the polygons that compose it are subdivided in groups, and this makes every sculpt I make for the face's expressions very hard, my brain screams every time. How do I connect toghether the selections of polygons that shows up when, in polygon mode, I double click on the object's features? I need the face to be whole, and I've already tried to cut and paste each feature
  4. Thanks for replying, I thought it was basic because I saw that there are many tutorials about it and yet no one seems to have the same problem I do I mostly followed step by step, so I don't have a clue on what this could be. I really hope someone will!
  5. Hi guys! I have this simple scene of a puppet hand holding chess pieces throught splines, as if they were puppets. I used spline dynamics, hair constraint and a spring dynaminc tag, very basic setup, and in the editor, it works perfectly fine. The problem is that, as I pause the editor, or render a frame, the splines are all over the place instead of being where they should be accordingly to the animation showing in the viewport. I tried to bake the project dynamics as well as I tried to render in different ways. Nothing works I hope this does not sound too noo
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