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  1. Hey looking for someone to create a 3d model of a person for me. I suck at modeling so hoping to find someone to do this for me budget is low as it’s a passion project. Email me jrsaintfilms@gmail.com with work and price. i would need a head and neck and texture. I can forward you more info
  2. Hey Gurus, Anyone know where to shut off this pop up redshift feedback display in settings? Its the most annoying thing when trying to preview in renderview. If you play your timeline it pops up close it and replay it pops up again. Thanks JR
  3. Yes they are the same skull different sizes etc working on making mountains out of them
  4. Hey gurus i have a project With 10 skulls about 650000 polygons. Is there a way to reduced them so I can render? I seen the polygon reducer seems to be a slow process any other options? thanks in advance Frank
  5. Hey c4d gurus! im pretty new to 3d but am hooked I have a pretty beefy pc with 2 1080ti and 64 gigs of memory. I’m wondering can anyone give me some tips to configure the rendering for optimal performance? Thanks for any help provided in advance! I’m seeing massive slow downs when adding clones to basic objects in redshift

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